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Bobo's Kids Club,
in the Ski Area

Bobo SKI Lessons - Winter Tariff 2024 / 2025

For our 4 - 12 year-old pupils

Daily 4 hours

*All prices are per child

Number of days 4 hours / day
1 day € 100,00
2 days € 175,00
3 days € 245,00
4 days € 290,00
5 days € 330,00
Lesson extension:

An extension is available even after the first day. We only charge the differening amount.

Attention: there are no ski/snowboard/group and private lessons on January 1st!

From 12.1. - 1.2.2025 anad from 14.3. - 6.4.2025, we only offer private lessons.

Info: We teach children from the age of 5 in private lessons

Children Package Offer Ski 2024 / 2025

The ski rental is located in the shop of our partner "Rent and Go" in the valley. In the immediate vicinity of the Hochzillertal mountain railway, directly below the Postalm.

3 days + 3 days 287,00
  4 days 298,00
  5 days 309,00
  6 days 318,00
  7 days 330,00
4 days + 4 days 343,00
  5 days 354,00
  6 days 363,00
  7 days 375,00
5 days + 5 days 394,00
  6 days 403,00
  7 days 415,00

From the 8th day of ski rental, the complete children's set is charged at 8 euros per day.

Included in the rental (skis, ski boots, ski poles, the helmet must be rented separately).


Information for my parents and myself ...

  • Compulsory Helmet Use
    There is no requirement to wear a helmet for children who are learning to ski. However, my skiing instructor does recommend wearing one for my own safety!
  • Ski Poles
    I need these only from the 2nd skiing course onwards.
  • Ski Pass
    I need this if I'm older than 6. My parents should always have my children's ID ready for inspection. I need to carry my ski pass every day.
  • Equipment
    My parents have already prepared winter clothes as well as sunscreen and sunglasses. Ideally, I should be wearing a two-part outfit rather than an overall.
  • Ski Course Ticket
    I need to always carry a valid ski course ticket as well as my valid ski pass.
  • Mobile Number
    If needed, I have my parents' mobile number with me and can give it to my skiing instructor.
  • Ski Depot
    The free children's ski depot is opened daily until 15:45 pm. For organisational reasons, we ask the parents to deliver their children's skis there by 15:45 pm at the latest.